Meet Our Board of Directors

Corridor Running is lead by an active, all-volunteer Board of Directors representative of our membership, from walkers and joggers to hardcore marathoners and ultra-marathoners.  Board members meet monthly to discuss club business and coordinate Corridor Running events and weekly runs. Want to get involved? Contact us now or come say ‘Hello’ at our next race–we’ll be there.  Don’t want to run but still want to be involved?  We are always looking for Volunteers to assist us.

Mark Powers


Mark has been running for a life time and has been an active member of the local running community for 17 years. He enjoys the camaraderie that comes with being involved.

Do to a hip surgery I have been laid off of running. I prefer long distance running on an single track trail in the middle of the timber or on a mountain.

Corridor Running members are inclusive and represent all runner’s.  Any Time, Any Pace welcomes all skill levels.

Mark joined the Corridor Running Board in August 2013 hoping to make an positive impact on our running community through service.  Our goal is to provide quality race day experiences and raise funds from our races for other non profits in the Corridor.

Angie Maske-Berka

Marketing – Social Media Guru – Ugly Sweat”er” Co-Director – Website

Angie (Ang) Maske-Berka took up running as means of weight loss. Starting with a couch to 5k program, then a personal challenge to run a 5k every weekend one summer, which turned into running the Bix, then her first half marathon in 2011, followed by a full marathon in 2012. To date, she has completed 51 half marathons, 29 marathons and 6 ultras. She is enthusiastically involved with all aspects of running through social media; twitter, facebook, instagram and blogging. Her favorite distance is the half marathon; long enough, yet short enough.

Angie enjoys communicating with social media, and is very runner specific detail focused.  She wants things to go smoothly on race day.  Angie is a streak runner and does race reviews. Angie wants the club to continue to offer a way for all runners with various goals and interests to come together, share their talents and experiences to support an active lifestyle.

Brian Tharp

 Vice President – Marion Arts Festival Co-Director Fifth Season Race Director 2018-2020 – Website

Brian took up running in 2008 during his weight loss efforts.  This has amounted to a total weight loss of 200 LBS to date. Brian runs events of all distances from 5K’s to completing his first 100K in 2015. Brian finished his first Boston Marathon in 2015, which to date has been one of his biggest running accomplishments. Brian likes to share his love and passion of running with others in a positive and motivational way. Brian also volunteers for many different organizations through out the Corridor area.

Nikki ChapmanNikki 1

Treasurer – Membership

Nikki works with our accountants, handles Membership activities, and our Couch to 5K (C25K) training on Thursday nights at the NewBo Market. She joined the Board of Directors 4 years ago.  Nikki brings a ton of enthusiasm with everything she does and has volunteered for many area races. We are happy to have her helping with all the activity at Corridor Running.

Craig Brophy

Secretary – Freezefest Director – Swamp Fox Co-Director

Craig lives in Cedar Rapids, where he works for Rockwell Collins and serves as the secretary for Corridor Running.  Craig has been a part of the local running community through his running of multiple local and regional races.  Often times Craig’s weekends will be full with family or running activities, including riding around in his convertible!


Jim Dwyer

Fifth Season Race Co-Director 2018-2020

Jim has been a runner for over two decades competing in marathons, half marathons and numerous other 5-8-10K’s. Jim grew up in a “running household” with his parents taking him to his first 5k at the age of 7. These days most of Jim’s running comes with a jogging stroller attached to him. Jim has shared his passion and love of running and physical fitness with countless others in the Corridor over the past 16+ years. Jim serves on many different organizations through out the corridor area.

Doug FishwildDoug F

At-Large Representative
Swamp Fox Race Director – Freezefest Race Co-Director

Doug’s main reason for running is to meet new people, and running is one of his most enjoyable activities. Doug love’s running trails and his favorite race is the next one. He started running in middle school and has competed in races ranging from 400 meters up to 50 miles. Doug’s goal as a board member is encourage people to dream big and try to achieve that goal. Any goal is achievable if you set your mind to it.

Michael Price

Marketing – Marion Arts Festival Co-Director NewBo Race Director – Ugly Sweat”er” Co Race Director

Michael is Mr. Energy to those who know him.  The consummate happy and motivating person, we enjoy Michael’s energy on the board.  Michael’s motivation to run: “It is my excercise, my therapy, my time to think, my happy place, my community…the best part of running is the community. The running community is filled with incredible, supportive and encouraging people. During a race they will pull the best out of you. The half marathon is my preferred race distance.  I am a cold weather runner.  I survive the summer but do my best in the fall and winter.  I love exchanging Frozen Face selfies with other runners!  You can find me at our races  encouraging everyone on!  Come run with me sometime.  I will keep your mind occupied with conversation!

Cindy McCarthy

At-Large Representative
New Bo Ast. Race Director,  Volunteer Coordinator

Cindy got back into running in 2012 so she could get back into shape and run some 5K races with her niece. Now 7 years later she is still running.  She has made many new friends through running and pursuing common goals.  Within 2 year returning to running Cindy ran a half marathon and a full marathon.  It allowed her to achieve things she never thought she could do.  We observe that Cindy has become a role model for her nieces and the girls she coaches as the Head Girl’s track coach at Central City High School.  Cindy likes how runners provide support for each other.  Cindy is extremely positive, motivational person helping all the people she encounters on her journey.

Dan Beck

At-Large Representative
Pace Leader at Run CRANDIC – Executive Committee Run CRANDIC – Let Me Run Chairperson

I’m convinced if more people ran, this world would be a better place to live in.  Running always puts me in a better mood — it helps reduce my anxiety, stress & symptoms of depression. Regular running definitely lowers my stress levels and gives me a greater sense of control over my life!  I am passionate about running and as a member of Corridor Running, I want to do whatever I can to help instill that same passion in others.  My goal for Corridor Running is to insure that all of our races are a good experience. I’d like to see Corridor Running do more to help our members train properly & achieve their running goals, whether it’s at one of our races or elsewhere.  You can always find Dan running with his four legged companion, Phil!

Warren Clarida

At-Large Representative – Indian Summer Race Director – Circuit 

I pursue running for several reasons. I enjoy the discipline that running requires of me. There is no quick easy fix in running, it requires patience which is difficult. I enjoy the camaraderie of the running community both in group runs and also the community on race day. Running gives me time and peace away form the very mental and technological details of the rest of my life. Running in its simplicity gives me something that requires a different sort of mental state.
My mental and physical health is intractably linked to my running; in that if affects every aspect of my day to day life.

While unfortunately there are times were the running community doesn’t fully embody this, to me the best running community is one of encouragement, excitement, and joint commitment.  I appreciate how we all through shared discipline can appreciate and admire the perseverance of each other.

Carol Thumma

At-Large Representative

Running and eating healthy has changed so much in my life. As first it was to lose weight. I have lost just over 100 pounds since I started running. But, it is more than that. I have done things that I never thought possible after I started running. I have become more social and made many new friends. I have put myself out there to volunteer and to take on new things.
Really I don’t just run for me & my well being, but I run for my family. I want to be able to do activities with my children and grandchildren and not be sitting on the sidelines.

What was the best thing to happen to you while running? I would have to say the best thing to happen is the friends that I have made.

What do you like about the running community? The huge support. I appreciate that I can ask a question of just about anything in the running community and someone will be able to advise me. I love that people see every aspect of me and still accept me as who I am

Jennifer  Steadman

At-Large Representative – Marketing – Social Event Planning

Jennifer is a marathoner by choice. It is a lifestyle. It takes a lot of time to train for a marathon and she knows if She can do this She can also put a lot of time into changing self behaviors, lifestyle changes and mindset..marathons are hard and so is life at times…if we can learn how to manage and train for a marathon even through our tough “runs” in life, we can come out a winner. I am motivated to run by my well being. I like how running has changed my has given me another chance at has given me something to focus on to help me change my life for the has taught me discipline, dedication and perseverance while building my self-worth.


Lynn Martin

Lynn is the equipment manager for Corridor Running.She keeps track of all the material required to put on a race including rental equipment.At-Large Representative – Membership – Volunteer

Lynn is the dependable adult of our group.  She can be relied on for volunteering, making wise community donations decisions, and is persistent in her drive to do well.