The first time I ran more than two miles without stopping, I…
Got tackled by a cop. No, seriously, since I started running last year at the age of 47 in a very overweight, out-of-shape condition, my first two mile run was something I was very proud of. I knew then that 3 miles, 5 miles, and even 26.2 miles is within my grasp.

If I didn’t run, I would…
be an overweight, cholesterol-laden, stressed-out time bomb

Favorite Shoe
Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 11

What is your motivation?
1) My sense of accomplishment every time I finish a long run; 2) My goal to lose 10 more pounds in addition to the 25 I’ve already lost; 3) To not let my friends down who started about the same time as me and are doing very well; 4) To complete a marathon and scratch one more item off my bucket list.

Hot or cold weather runner?
Both. In Iowa, you have to be able to handle it all. Especially if you hate treadmill workouts.

How often do you race?
At least once a month (another goal of mine), but maybe two or three times a month between April and October.

Favorite gel flavor?
I’m a GU Chomps Blueberry Pomegranate sort of guy.

Ever run a marathon?
Not yet, but I’m already registered for the Des Moines Marathon on 10/17/10!!!

Care to run another (or a first one)?
I certainly hope that I want to after Des Moines. Would like to do 1-2 a year starting in 2011.

If I could run with anyone, it would be?
My wife, since that would mean I’ve convinced her to run with me. Or Lolo Jones, which would pretty much guarantee that my wife would run too.

Rather run alone, or with a partner?
95% of my runs are solo, and after spending the entire work day around wanting, needy people, sole runs are totally my favorite.

Race you’d like to forget?
The 2009 Anamosa Pumpkinfest 5K. Started way too easy and actually was in LAST PLACE among the runners! at one point. Eventually I reeled in maybe 20 runners, but looking back and seeing no one behind me was a shock I’d rather not ever experience again!

Favorite local race?
I plan to experience many more this year, but so far my heart belongs to the Alliant Energy Fifth Season 5K, which was my first one.

Ever win your age group?
In my dreams, I did once.

Listen to music when running?
Yep, via the speaker on my iPhone. Used to wear headphones but since I’m always running on roads with traffic, I prefer not to now. My run playlist of choice: pounding, pulsing rock (e.g. Primus, Rammstein, Offspring, AC/DC, The Exies, Rob Zombie).

Ever run in a costume?
Not a chance.

Best part of running?
The mental escape. No one knows exactly where I am or where I am going. And as a runner, you see things along the route that you’d never see from a car. Or even a bike.

What I do to support my running habit (occupation)?
Product Line Manager at Vector Corporation in Marion