jim-bevins-121x150The first time I ran more than two miles without stopping, I…
Thought I would die. That was back in 1984 when I was in Basic Training. I got out of the Army in 1993 and stopped running for years. I just started running again last year, it was a little harder being 273lbs, but lost 50lbs while doing all my running.

If I didn’t run, I would…
Die. I would still be sitting on the couch wasting away.

Favorite Shoe:
Adidas, no specific model. I have wide feet and they make wider shoes

What is your motivation?
Lose more weight, and keeping it off. I also enjoy meeting new people, the running community is full of very friendly people.

Hot or cold weather runner?

How often do you race?
About 1 to 2 times a month

Favorite gel flavor?
Have not found one yet. I tried one from the goodie bag at the Swap Fox, I think it stayed on the roof of my mouth for the whole duration of the race, just give me water please.

Ever run a marathon?
No. However while I was stationed in Germany they had volks marches, i did about 7 marathon walks while I was there, does that count? The same distance, I just walked through the beautiful county side.

Care to run another (or a first one)?

If I could run with anyone, it would be?
Sylvester Stallone- Who wouldn’t want to run with Rockey?

Rather run alone, or with a partner?
Alone- that way I don’t worry if I’m slowing down or speeding up the person I’m running with.

Race you’d like to forget:
None Yet

Favorite local race:
Indian Summer by far. Lake McBride is about my favorite place, and it happens at the time of the year when the leaves are starting to turn colors.

Ever win your age group?
Fat Chance. I would be happy to run a race without having to walk some of it.

Listen to music when running?
Yes, mostly 80’s.

Ever run in a costume?
No, I have a! hard enough time just running in shorts and a shirt

Best part of running:
Fresh air. Nothing like taking in mother nature.

What I do to support my running habit (occupation)?
Production Planner at Clipper Wind Power