The first time I ran more than two miles without stopping, I…

cried, because I never thought I could run that far. It made me think anything was possible.

If I didn’t run, I would…
go insane! Running is what keeps my head screwed on straight. I need those endorphins!

Favorite Shoe:
I switch brands so my feet don’t get bored!

What is your motivation?
I keep trying to challenge myself, accomplish new things, push the limits of what I thought was possible.

Hot or cold weather runner?
I hate winter, but I love to run in the cold. I like that cold, crisp air, the sound of crunching snow beneath my feet and the solitude of running in the dark.

How often do you race?
I try to do 5-6 running races a year, in between my triathlons. If I can do a couple races a month, it’s enough to keep me going.

Favorite gel flavor?
I’m always trying different flavors, but I haven’t settled on a favorite.

Ever run a marathon?
I’m training for my first marathon. I did my first Half last year so it seemed like a logical next step. (Is running a marathon logical?).

Care to run another (or a first one)?
Let’s see how the first one goes!

If I could run with anyone, it would be?
I would like to run with the guys from “Running the Sahara.” I want to hear about the physical and mental toughness it took to run thousands of miles.

Rather run alone, or with a partner?
I call myself “The Lone Wolf” because I’d rather run alone.

Race you’d like to forget
I’ve had some races that didn’t go well, but I feel that any time we are physically able to do a race, we are lucky.

Favorite local race
The Fifth Season Race is my Fourth of July tradition. I also do the Bix every year because I love taking on the heat and hills.

Ever win your age group?
No, I am “speed challenged.”

Listen to music when running?
Yes, I have several iPod p! laylists that I have created just for running. Sometimes, though, on an early-morning run I just want to have silence for awhile.

Ever run in a costume?
No, but I did my first Warrior Dash this year and I think next year I need to wear a warrior costume!

Best part of running
Running clears my head. There’s no problem I can’t solve during a run.

What I do to support my running habit (occupation)?
I am the communications coordinator at Hunter’s Specialties in Cedar Rapids.