philhartgrave-150x150The first time I ran two miles without stopping, I…
Was excited to be able to run that far since I had never been a runner! I had decided for 2006 my New Years resolution was to run a marathon, 26 miles 26 years old. I followed all the training I could find online and was doing great until I was looking to avoid a dive-bombing red wing black bird. I tripped on a curb mid summer and hurt my knee. But as soon as I could I went back to running and I have made it part of my weeks routine since.

If I didn’t run I would…
be even more high-strung and intense that I am now

Favorite shoe…
Adidas Supernova

What is your motivation?
relaxation and stress management

Hot or cold weather runner?

How often do you race?
4-6 races a summer

Favorite gel flavor?
don’t have one.

Ever run a marathon?
I have tried training twice and got hurt in training both times. 2006 Chicago (strained knee), 2007 Twin City (strained foot)

Care to run another (or a first one)?
At the advice of my doctor in 2007 I will stick to shorter races and running for fitness.

If I could run with anyone, it would be?
Lance Armstrong

Run alone or with a partner?
Alone, it is my time to unwind or think about personal things I want to work on.

Race you’d like to forget?
I have enjoyed all the races I have ran in, I have a couple I wish would have had better weather!

Favorite local race?
Two: Marion Arts as it was the first race I ever ran I still try to run every spring. The other is The Cedar Rapids Fire Department Kevin Sternchuk Memorial Race, I love the cause and I always run it with a friend who works for CRFD.

Ever win your age group?
I am hopeful that as I get older my bracket will get smaller allowing me to win. In the meantime I will keep setting my own time goals!

Listen to music when running?
Music while I run

Ever run in a costume?

Best part of running?
You forget about the day you just had and it is the only time during the day I do not answer my cell phone, read text messages or respond to emails.

What I do to support my running habit (occupation)?
Commercial Underwriter for Missouri at Untied Fire Group.