The first time I ran more than two miles without stopping, I…

High School track practice I believe?

If I didn’t run, I would…

Favorite Shoe:
at the moment the Saucony Kinvara

What is your motivation?
Maintain fitness level and stress relief…running make me a nicer person to be around. Without my run..I can be grouchy 🙂

Hot or cold weather runner?
cold for sure.

How often do you race?
Trying to do 5ks more often.. just depends on what my kids have going on.

Favorite gel flavor?
I like the Raspberry Gel Bites…like gummies!

Ever run a marathon?
One- Milwaukee 2011

Care to run another (or a first one)?

If I could run with anyone, it would be?
Not sure…wish I could encourage my husband Ben to run 🙂

Rather run alone, or with a partner?
partner or group

Race you’d like to forget
1/2 marathon portion of the Long Pigman 2011! Hot.. hilly, yuck! 🙂

Favorite local race

I have done the New Bo Fest Half both years and I really like it.

Ever win your age group?

Listen to music when running?
longer runs by myself yes

Ever run in a costume?
Not yet!

Best part of running
The way you feel when you are finished.

What I do to support my running habit (occupation)?
Teach fitness classes at the local Y. RPM Spin, Body Pump, boot Camp, Silver Sneakers, Cardio Mix, Deep Water aerobics, and Zumba