The first time I ran more than two miles without stopping, I…
A long time ago. Probably sometime when I was young and my dad said, “Let’s go run 1 mile” and it turned into 2-3. Now an easy 3-4 with him turns into a “Classic 9.”

If I didn’t run, I would…
Be extremely hard to live with….

Favorite Shoe:
Brooks Pureflow.

What is your motivation?
Finding out my limits and getting the most out of myself.

Hot or cold weather runner?
Cold. I’m terrible in hot weather.

How often do you race?
When the schedule allows. Hopefully a lot more this year than the last.

Favorite gel flavor?

Ever run a marathon?
Yes. Chicago in 2013.

Care to run another (or a first one)?
Definitely. Hope to really train for one this fall.

If I could run with anyone, it would be?
Steve Prefontaine or Emil Zatopek.

Rather run alone, or with a partner?
Partner. I love running for the friendships I’ve made through it and a partner definitely makes long runs easier.

Race you’d like to forget?
Chicago Shamrock Shuffle when I was in middle school. I was hungry and ate a power bar right before the start – it was a bad choice and made for a long 8k…

Favorite local race
Bix 7.

Ever win your age group?

Listen to music when running?

Ever run in a costume?
A bright green, polka-dotted onesie.

Best part of running
The feeling of pushing yourself to the limit and knowing you gave your best.

What I do to support my running habit (occupation)?
Work at Running Wild!!