Here we are. The RUN CRANDIC Executive Committee waited as long as we thought possible to make a decision about the status of RUN CRANDIC in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic. Our hope was that we would be able to wait a few weeks and that time would pass and allow us to continue as planned, because that is what we all wanted. Many volunteers and members of the community have put in countless hours working to bring this event to the running community.
With the new CDC guidelines, restrictions on businesses being open and school closures, we have to acknowledge that we are living in a unique and unprecedented time and need to do our part to help mitigate the spread of COVID 19 by not holding RUN CRANDIC on April 26, as planned.
This leads us to our decision to change RUN CRANDIC to a virtual race.
Please read for explanations, answers to questions and “What now?”
While not the original plan, we want everyone who has been training hard and working towards running a distance to be able to run that distance, earn our unique medal and our awesome RUN CRANDIC ¼ zips.
Sometime between April 26th 12:00 AM and May 9th at 11:59 pm run your registered distance and send us your data using the online Google document, which we will provide a link via email on April 25, to record your information. We will mail you your shirt, medal and a certificate of completion for your race. Please be patient with us as we navigate the logistics of sending hundreds of packages. You can divide your race into two parts to earn your finish. We are providing this option to help accommodate all of the changes to your schedule with school and work changing for many people.
The question of refunds has arisen. It is standard procedure that refunds are not given as many expenses are incurred early based on the number of participants. We have been asking, “What can we do for our registered participants?” Unfortunately, postponing is not an option as the earliest that we could even consider would be a minimum of 8 weeks. Not only do we not know what the status of the virus will be but the summer season will be in full swing and the heat adds another element to the race. There are countless other events held in the fall months and we do not want to put our race on top of other races already scheduled.
It’s a unique event in that it crosses and works with 7 municipalities, all of which are fully supportive and appreciate RUN CRANDIC’s impact on the community. It’s also a special and unique opportunity for you, our runners, since you get to experience the only event in the ICR Iowa area that brings together so many communities to work on one event for you, the runners. We are so grateful for all of you who have participated over the years and who signed up for your first RUN CRANDIC this year.
As we always do, we want to honor and thank current year registrants with the best price for the following year and that will continue this year as well! Registration for 2021 will open on April 26th using the code STARTEARLY21 will get 30% off any distance. Those who participate in the 2020 virtual race will also receive a special complimentary medal in 2021.
Thank you for your understanding. We wish you a great virtual race and are excited to return in full force in 2021.
Stay safe and stay tuned!
RUN CRANDIC Executive Committee