What do you think? This is where I ran tonight so I took some pics and threw this together…
Trail Feature! Tired of the roads? Need a change of scenery? We have some great alternatives in the area for you to explore. First up is Beverly Park.
This trail system was established by the Linn Area Mountain Bike Association (LAMBA):
“LAMBA is a nonprofit dedicated to building a community of cyclists who create mountain biking adventures. We work cooperatively through our board of directors, trail stewards, and other volunteers with local land managers, other like-minded organizations, and riders who share our vision. This includes raising money to develop new singletrack, stewarding existing trails, hosting events, and educational resources.”
LAMBA keeps their trails in great shape and they are fun to explore. The bikers are very friendly, but please be sure to be on the lookout for them as you are out on the singletrack. Who needs headphones when you can listen to the birds and animals around you? When conditions are dry, winding through the trees is a blast, and you are more than likely to get a little lost. Wet conditions make things muddy, so it is best to stay off of these trails when it is raining or right after. Maintenance is done by volunteers and it is easier to manage the trail if we stay off of it when it’s wet. The mountain bike trails are true gems, and we want them to stay looking sharp!
Check out this beauty when you get the chance, and stay tuned for more trail features!
Morgan Russell, June 2020