Race day forecast calls for rain, now what?

Maybe you missed out on the opportunity to train in the rain, don’t worry, the Corridor Running board members have some tips to get you to the finish line:

  • Don’t over dress because of the rain. A large trash bag or rain poncho will help keep you dry but also holds in heat. Bring something to the starting line while you wait.
  • Lube up to prevent chafing. Vaseline or anti-chafe will do the trick, apply anywhere there is friction.
  • A hat (with a brim) helps to keep the rain out of your eyes and off your face.
  • A plastic bag will help keep your electronics safe.
  • Change of clothes. When you are done running, bring dry clothes to stay warm.
  • No cotton, this will get heavy and absorb water.¬† ¬†Wool or technical gear is great.
  • Don’t be a jerk, while the port-o-potties will keep you dry, take your turn and move on.

However, the rain doesn’t have to be stressful, remember when you were a kid and loved to splash in the puddles? Bring a great attitude on race day and embrace it!!