Tips for Staying Safe and Having Fun

Outdoor running has a lot going for it. A change of scenery. Fresh air. Opportunities to challenge yourself with hills or new routes. But extra precautions may be needed. Consider these ideas for staying safe while enjoying your run.

craig-rairdinGeneral Tips

Don’t use headphones

Many runners like pump themselves up with music while running, those ear buds can be a distraction from the surrounding environment; threats like cars or animals or bicycles may be difficult to hear if you’re also listening to music.

Run with a partner

A running buddy is good for more than just company, conversation, and motivation. A partner can go for help in the event of an injury, or they can help navigate if you aren’t quite sure where you are.

Stay alert

It may seem obvious, but many people lose focus or “get in the zone” while they run. It’s important to stay alert for hazards, nearby traffic, or other dangerous conditions.

Get the proper shoes

When buying shoes, make sure to get a pair that suit your feet. Everyone’s stride is different, and the staff at a quality shoe store will be able to suggest a shoe that matches yours. Remember that the fit of your shoe is more important than the number on the tag or the name on the box.

Join Corridor Running

Join one of our Couch to 5K programs to learn the basics of running safely. Or, go on a group run to try out running in a new area without the concerns of running alone.

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